AAHI invented a novel RNA vaccine platform using self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) and a unique RNA delivery vehicle called a nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC). 

Innovating RNA vaccine technology to provide flexible and cost-efficient health solutions 


A Simple, Stable Solution

saRNA that amplifies antigen production in a human cell, is bound to the exterior of the NLC through electrostatic bonding for efficient delivery.

The NLC contains oil at its core with adjuvanting characteristics to boost the immune response to the target disease.

Scalable Manufacturing and Stockpiling

The biggest bottleneck in the commercial production of current RNA vaccine technology is the Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) manufacturing process in which the RNA is encapsulated inside the LNP formulation. AAHI's RNA platform technology eliminates this step. 

AAHI's NLC Vaccine Technology

  • Affordable Manufacturing
  • Potent and Durable
  • Temperature Stable
  • Needle-Free Delivery

Current LNP Vaccine Technology

  • Expensive manufacturing
  • Rapidly waning immunity
  • Requires deep cold chain
  • Requires Needles

Preventing Transmission of Disease

Through alternative administration such as nasal spray and dry powder, AAHI's goal for its RNA vaccine platform technology is to prevent early infection and transmission of disease by enhancing mucosal immunity.

AAHI's RNA vaccine platform technology has demonstrated promising results in preclinical studies evaluating the AAHI-SC2 COVID-19 RNA vaccine candidate administered up the nose. 

Novel RNA Solutions

Our team provides innovative RNA solutions to enhance vaccine candidates with next generation features and functionality: 

  • Two different saRNA constructs placed on one NLC, determining optimal dose ratios and complexities of multivalent vaccines.
  • Novel saRNA constructs reflecting a live attenuated virus to avoid some of the calssic manufacturing challenges in the large-scale manufacture of live-attenuated vaccines.
  • Novel genetically-adjuvanted RNA vaccines, in which key immune genes typically induced by traditional adjuvants are incorporated directly into the vaccine RNA.

Our team performs:

  • RNA construct design to express antigen of interest using proven saRNA construct designs. 
  • R&D-grade RNA manufacture, including in vitro transcription and purification of RNA products suitable for preclinical studies.
  • Characterization assays and stability testing evaluting RNA quality, integrity, and stability of naked RNA or complexed RNA products.