RNA Platform

The unique components of AAHI’s RNA Platform allow us to rapidly design and manufacture highly potent and broadly effective vaccines in response to emerging diseases. RNA vaccine and immunotherapies developed with AAHI’s immune-enhancing platform can be made readily accessible and available to all areas of the world.

AAHI’s RNA Platform uses antigen-generating self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) molecules fixed to the exterior of our proprietary Nanostructured Lipid Carrier (NLC) nanoparticles.

Potent Immune Response:

saRNA amplifies antigen production and strengthens immune response. Squalene oil in the NLC core acts as an adjuvant, or immunostimulant.

Breadth of protection:

saRNA/NLC vaccines can protect against multiple pathogens by loading NLC with multivalent saRNA constructs, by loading NLC with multiple monovalent saRNA constructs aimed at different targets, or by administering a combination of NLC loaded with different saRNA constructs.

Accessibility and rapid pandemic response:

Vaccines developed with our RNA Platform are available for use in low resource areas because the complexed saRNA/NLC is stable at room temperature for eight months or at refrigerated temperatures for up to a year, eliminating deep cold chain requirements and enabling alternative routes of delivery.

Because saRNA is bound to the outside of NLC, we can stockpile NLC for storage. When need arises, the NLC can be complexed with saRNA constructs designed to elicit production of the relevant vaccine antigen.

Our RNA Platform enables development of equitably accessible vaccines and therapeutics to address unmet global needs.


AAHI offers world-class expertise in the design, formulation, and manufacture of vaccines, adjuvants, immunotherapies, and their components.

Research Material Supply
Obtain our NLC delivery system to complex with your RNA of choice.
RNA Construct Design
Express your antigen of interest using proven saRNA construct designs.
R&D-grade RNA Manufacture
in vitro transcription and purification of RNA products suitable for preclinical studies.
Characterization Assays
Evaluate RNA quality and integrity of naked RNA or complexed RNA.
Stability Testing
Test the stability of naked RNA or complexed RNA products.
Immunogenicity Testing
Evaluate RNA vaccine immunogenicity in preclinical mouse models.

Other Services


We support development of preclinical studies that accelerate progress to clinic, clinical trial design and coordination, and applications for regulatory approval.

Contact us to test AAHI adjuvant formulations with your vaccine antigen to develop a potent, durable, and broadly effective vaccine.