Adjuvant Formulations Platform

AAHI pioneers the development and formulation of adjuvants – immunostimulants that boost the body’s natural immune response to disease. Our vaccine adjuvant technology is optimized to promote more potent, longer-lasting, and broadly protective immune responses specific to a target pathogen.

Our Adjuvant Formulations Platform has unparalleled breadth and diversity of application. AAHI adjuvant formulations enable and improve vaccines against infectious disease, cancer, allergies, and other pathogens and disorders.

AAHI’s robust adjuvant formulation portfolio allows vaccine developers to select an adjuvant formulation that maximizes the impact of their specific vaccine candidate.

Adjuvant Portfolio

TLR Ligands + Alum

What is it?

The adsorption of TLR ligands to Alum, which shifts immune response to Th1 quality.

Where does it come from?

AAHI developed a formulation approach to adsorb lipid-based TLR ligands to Alum.

Unique to AAHI.

AAHI’s formulations of both TLR 4 ligands and TLR 7/8 ligands adsorbed to Alum are tested in humans.


3M-052-Alum Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

AAHI takes a formulation approach to enhance adjuvant activity, including antibody and Th1-type cellular immune responses.
(Fox, 2016. J Control Release.)

3M-052-Alum combined with SARS-CoV-2 RBD antigen generated higher neutralizing antibody titers to mutant COVID strains compared with mRNA vaccines.
(Haynes, 2021. Nature.)


What is it?

NanoAlum consists of nanoparticle rods of aluminum oxyhydroxide

Where does it come from?

AAHI developed NanoAlum using a top-down manufacturing approach starting with commercial Alum (Alhydrogel®)

Unique to AAHI.

NanoAlum enhances Th1-type adjuvant activity compared to Alum, can be sterile-filtered and is stable to freeze-thaw


NanoAlum elicits an enhanced TH1 immune response from the clinical adjuvant Alhydrogel and may be favorable for vaccines in the fields of tuberculosis, pertussis, and malaria.
(Orr, 2019. NPJ Vaccines.)

Aqueous Nanosuspensions

What is it?

Aqueous nanosuspensions of TLR ligands (e.g. GLA-AF) suitable for intradermal delivery

Unique to AAHI.

The manufacturing process of aqueous nanosuspensions is straightforward and the cost of goods is low.


GLA-AF Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

SLA-AF Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

Breadth of SARS-CoV-2 neutralization and protection induced by a nanoparticle vaccine
(Haynes, 2022. Nature Communications)

A Phase 1 trial of GLA-AF + VLP influenza antigen showed broadened responses to heterologous strains
(Carter, 2018. Science Advances)

TLR 4 Ligands

What is it?

GLA and SLA are synthetic hexa-acylated monophosphoryl lipid A molecules with established safety and activity profile from Phase 1/2 clinical testing

Where does it come from?

GLA and SLA were designed as synthetic analogues to the hexa-acylated component of the naturally derived MPL®

Unique to AAHI.

GLA and SLA are highly pure defined compounds designed for optimal TLR4 receptor binding, enabling substantially lower clinical dose compared to MPL®. In a squalene emulsion, they can also be lyophilized for single vial thermostable presentation or can be spray dried for thermostable nasal dry powder delivery


GLA-SE Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

SLA-SE Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

GLA-SE enhances malaria antigen-specific antibodies and circulating Tfh in humans
(Hill, 2019. J Exp Med.)

SLA-SE induces Th1 immune responses in mice and humans immunized with a recombinant Leishmania vaccine antigen
(Carter, 2016. Clin Transl Immunology)

TLR 7/8 Ligands

What is it?

3M-052 (TLR7/8) is synthetic lipidated imidazoquinoline

Where does it come from?

Developed by 3M and licensed to AAHI for specific indications

Unique to AAHI.

3M-052 formulations developed by AAHI elicit exceptional response durability with strong Th1 bias in NHPs


3M-052-SE Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

3M-052-SE increases SARS-CoV-2 antibody magnitude and durability in infant non-human primates
(Permar, 2021. Sci Immunol.)

3M-052 formulations combined with an influenza antigen elicit protective efficacy in mouse and ferret challenge models.
(Carter, Fox, 2017. Sci Rep.)

Saponin QS-21

What is it?

QS-21 is a saponin derived from Quillaja Saponaria associated with inflammasome activation

Where does it come from?

cGMP QS-21 is obtained by AAHI from bark extract at high yield and high purity using a novel purification process

Unique to AAHI.

AAHI’s QS-21 has been formulated in liposomes with GLA and tested in Phase 1 clinical trials


GLA-LSQ Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

SLA-LSQ Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

An adjuvanted pregnancy-associated malaria vaccine candidate proved safe and immunogenic in a phase 1 clinical trial.
(Nielsen, 2019. Clin Infect Dis.)​

A chromatographic process for p`urifying QS-21 from Quillaja Saponaria bark extract with high purity and yield.
(Qi, 2021. J Chromatogr A.)

Dual Agonist

What is it?

GLA-3M-052-LS is a dual TLR ligand liposome adjuvant

Where does it come from?

GLA-3M-052-LS was developed by AAHI in collaboration with 3M and the University of Virginia using an amebiasis vaccine candidate as a proof-of-concept.

Unique to AAHI.

This dual agonist develops a strong mucosal immune response as well as a Th1 type systemic response.


GLA-3M-052-LS Adjuvant Portfolio
Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium, NIH

An adjuvanted-protein COVID-19 vaccine candidate induced neutralizing antibodies in mice and protected from lethal challenge.
(Petri, 2021. Nature)

Intranasal administration of dual-agonist adjuvanted amebiasis vaccine candidate elicits robust mucosal and systemic protective immune response in mice
(Fox, 2018. NPJ Vaccines)

Find out how our adjuvant formulations are revolutionizing vaccines and immunotherapies worldwide.

Potent and durable immune response:

Adjuvants boost the innate immune response to disease, providing prolonged protection from disease and efficacy in at-risk populations with underdeveloped or waning immunity.

Breadth of protection:

AAHI adjuvant formulations are optimized to elicit a combination of T cells and antibodies for broader protection against viral variants. They can also be formulated with multivalent proteins that target multiple pathogens.

Accessibility and rapid pandemic response:

Vaccine candidates that include AAHI adjuvant formulations can be made suitable for low resource areas by using spray and freeze-drying technologies that confer stability at room temperatures for up to three months, eliminating deep cold chain requirements and enabling alternative routes of delivery.


We provide custom solutions that can enhance vaccines with next generation features and functionality, creating unique products capable of addressing pressing global health needs.

Research Material Supply
Our formulations team can evaluate any AAHI adjuvant formulations with your vaccine antigen in preclinical studies.
Custom Formulations
Our formulations team can formulate your novel small molecule immunostimulator, or customize adjuvant formulations for optimal compatibility with your specific antigen.
Compatibility Studies
Our formulations team can perform a variety of assays testing the mixing compatibility of AAHI adjuvants mixed with your antigen of choice.
In Vitro Bioactivity
Our formulations team can determine if the adjuvant formulation or immunomodulatory compound of interest has innate immune stimulation properties on human cells.

Other Services


AAHI provides consulting services. We support development of preclinical studies that accelerate progress to clinic, clinical trial design and coordination, and applications for regulatory approval. 

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