AAHI Presents Advancements In Vaccine Formulations and Methodology at MVADS Conference 2023

The Access to Advanced Health Institute (AAHI) presents new data today at the Modern Vaccines Adjuvant Delivery Systems Conference 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The preclinical study discussed evaluates combinations of antigen-adjuvant formulations, routes of delivery, and heterologous prime-boost regimens with RNA technology and how they impact the immune response against COVID-19.

Oral Presentation Details: 

Presentation Title: Pre-clinical optimization of adjuvant formulation, route, and regimen of SARS-CoV-2 subunit vaccine 

Presentation Date: Wednesday, May 31st

Presenting Author: Will Lykins, PhD, Scientist I. Dr. Lykins is a scientist with 10 years of experience working on nanoscale material systems and immunology to develop nanoparticle delivery platforms for the treatment of infectious diseases, providing long-acting treatment solutions and the ability to localize immune responses. He received his BS in Bioengineering, Nano Science, and Molecular Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle, and his PhD in Bioengineering from the joint program at University of California Berkeley and University of California San Francisco. 

mRNA vaccine technology enabled us to provide protection against COVID-19 in record speed, saving millions of lives, but that protection does not prevent the disease from spreading and does not last long for people fortunate enough have access to the vaccines. Rural and remote communities found it difficult to maintain an ultra-cold chain and doses have been spoiled in transit or during storage. Continued viral transmission, confusing communication over booster requirements, and complex cold-chain requirements leave over 30% of the global population unvaccinated and unprotected from COVID-19.

There is an opportunity to leverage advancements in RNA and adjuvanted protein vaccine technology and to improve on them to develop an efficient and sustainable solution to emerging endemic and pandemic threats.

AAHI has a robust adjuvant formulation portfolio that may support your vaccine candidate. Connect with our formulations team to learn more about how vaccine formulations enhance the stability and efficacy of vaccine candidates.

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