Next Generation Solutions

AAHI’s scientists apply a creative and pragmatic approach to protecting the world from disease, working to use our platform technologies to bring life-changing products to those who them need most.

Our immune-enhancing platforms provide the foundation for development and improvement of next-generation vaccine and immunotherapies that are not only potent, broad, and durable, but also practically and equitably accessible across diverse geographic, cultural, and economic regions.

We are enabling pandemic preparedness and rapid response.

Our adjuvant formulations and/or NLC can be made and stockpiled in readiness for combination with antigens or saRNA targeted to emerging threats.

  • AAHI’s adjuvant formulations can be manufactured and stockpiled until they are needed. Our adjuvant formulations can be stored for up to 2 years and then combined with the needed antigen.
  • Our NLCs can be manufactured and stored for at least a year under standard refrigeration, and then complexed with saRNA to elicit expression of the needed antigen.