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AAHI's 2023 Annual Report

Learn more about how AAHI scientists are pragmatically optimizing immune-enhancing platform technology to develop vaccines and immunotherapies that make our vision a reality.


The latest scientific breakthroughs at AAHI.

Researchers successfully scale manufacturing of sustainable squalene

Squalene is a critical component of several licensed vaccines. It is a complex molecule that until recently has only been able to be sourced from nature (the liver of sharks), which could limit the access to vaccines using this important ingredient and also endanger the global ecosystem. AAHI researchers collaborated with Amyris to scale manufacturing of a novel semi-synthetic squalene derived from sustainable sugar cane. Together, researchers from AAHI and Amyris were able to synthesize kilogram quantities that met strict criteria for purity and inclusion in human vaccines.

AAHI Adjuvants Help Enable a Promising Universal Influenza Vaccine

Influenza virus mutates frequently; each flu season, vaccine manufacturers must try to predict the strain that will be circulating months in advance of the season as they gear up production. This leads to mismatches and historically low efficacy rates of the influenza vaccine. Vaccine developers have been trying to target immune responses to a part of the virus that does not change from season to season, known as the "stem." Unfortunately, humans make a suboptimal immune response to this part of the virus.

Researchers at Janssen Vaccines & Prevention tested whether various adjuvant formulations could boost immune responses to their stem antigen. They compared salt aluminum hydroxide (a classic vaccine adjuvant used in many current vaccines), AS01B (a modern adjuvant owned by GSK), and varying doses of AAHI's SLA-LSQ in preclinical studies. Results demonstrated that AAHI's SLA-LSQ formulation induced a broad and strong immune response, comparable to AS01B, suggesting that a universal influenza vaccine may someday be feasible given the right combination of antigen and adjuvant.

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Nashville, TN

AAHI's temperature stable tuberculosis vaccine development presented at Bioengineering for Global Health

Vaccine stability is important to protect underserved communities that lack the intricate healthcare infrastructure required to maintain complex cold chains for storage and distribution of vaccines. Infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis – the leading infectious killer in the world, thus disproportionately burden the 6.6 billion people living in low-and middle-income countries. Christopher Fox, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Formulations at AAHI, describes how AAHI’s adjuvanted temperature stable tuberculosis vaccine is both accessible and equally as effective as the non-temperature stable, liquid presentation of the same vaccine in human clinical trials.

Seattle, WA

AAHI Increases access to immune-stimulating formulations to enable effective vaccines and immunotherapies

AAHI provides its novel adjuvant formulations to public and private partners to catalyze further innovation and development of vaccines and immunotherapies. Thousands of vials of AAHI formulations have been shipped to approximately 60 partners to support hundreds of preclinical studies researching uses of adjuvant formulations to prevent or treat cancer and infectious diseases such as HIV, malaria, and influenza. To learn more about AAHI's formulation platform, view Dr. Christopher Fox's presentation Adjuvants and Immune Response: Insights to Spur Innovation.

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By Stephanie Nolen

New York Times

The World Health Organization's (WHO) Global Tuberculosis Report published earlier this month, highlighted that not only has TB surpasses COVID-19 and once again become the leading infectious killer in the world, but also 40% of people estimated to be infected with TB do not have access to treatment, let alone reliable diagnosis.

Efforts are being made to reduce the cost of TB treatment. Large pharmaceutical companies are reducing their prices and easing patent restrictions so that other manufacturers can make less expensive versions of proprietary drugs. And a TB vaccine vandidate, M72/AS01E, will soon enter Phase 3 clinical trials, with $550 million already promised by Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to bring the drug to market.  “This is the best news we’ve seen in tuberculosis in decades. But there’s a gap between having an exciting pipeline and actually reaching people with those tools,” observes Pauneet Dewan, an epidemiologist with the TB program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

AAHI’s platform technology is helping to close that gap. Christopher Fox, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Formulations at AAHI, remains optimistic as he continues to refine temperature stable TB vaccine presentations, “Yes, I think if we take some of those lessons [from the development of COVID-19 vaccines] and apply them to TB, we could make a significant impact in speeding up the timeline to get to some solutions.” Dr. Fox also points out that we need to do better at raising awareness, political will, and funding to really provide accessible solutions.


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A Day In The Life of AAHI Employees

This month, we introduce you to Gaurav Sirohia, nicknamed GK, a validation specialist on the Quality Assurance team, which ensures that AAHI products manufactured for human clinical trials meet the FDA’s safety and quality standards and requirements. GK is responsible for executing qualifications of equipment and manufacturing processes, product data analysis, and report writing.

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The Director of Research Administration will be responsible for managing pre-award and post-award activities for AAHI's sponsored research awards, working across the organization to provide support developing, submitting, and tracking new funding opportunities.

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Synthetic TLR4 ligand in squalene nanoemulsion

Synthetic TLR4 ligand in QS- 21 containing liposome

Synthetic TLR4 ligand in aqueous formulation

Dual agonist containing both TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in squalene nanoemulsion

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in QS-21 containing liposome

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in aqueous formulation

Alum nanoparticle formulation, customized particle size

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand in
squalene nanoemulsion

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand
adsorbed to aluminum

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand in
aqueous formulation

Nanostructured lipid carrier

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