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MARCH 2024

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United States

Valneva launches human clinical trials of a Zika vaccine candidate using AAHI's adjuvant formulation, 3M-052-AF, in a head-to-head comparison with a vaccine candidate using Dynavax's CpG 1018 adjuvant.

Valneva SE initiated a Phase 1 clinical trial enrolling 150 adult participants (18 to 49 years old) in the United States, to compare two vaccine candidates based on Valneva's proprietary antigen, VLA1601, to determine which elicits a stronger immune response. One candidate uses AAHI's aqueous formulation of 3M-052 (3M's adjuvant molecule targeting certain cell receptors known as TLR 7/8); the other uses Dynavax's adjuvant targeting the TLR 9 cell receptor. 

The trial represents the first time AAHI's 3M-052-AF adjuvant formulation will be evaluated against a mosquito-borne virus in humans. 

United States

World Tuberculosis Day - March 24

Every year, we commemorate the discovery of the world's leading infectious killer and highlight the urgent need to develop effective ways to prevent and treat tuberculosis. 

This month marks a significant milestone in the fight against tuberculosis - commencement of two late-stage clinical trials evaluating novel TB vaccine candidates for prevention of pulmonary tuberculosis: Bharat Biotech's live-attenuated MTBVAC vaccine, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's M72/AS01E vaccine, which relies on a saponin adjuvant formulation developed by GSK. 

While both vaccine candidates are promising, there remains a need to develop a vaccine effective for both adults and children, that can easily be made acceessible and affordable to the people who are most burdened by tuberculosis infections - such as those living in South-East Asia, Africa, and the Western Pacific. 

AAHI remains committed to developing a TB vaccine that doesn't require a cold chain for transport, storage, and distribution; that doesn't require trained personnel to inject the vaccine; and that can be inhaled or administered intranasally, to target the site of infection.

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By Kathleen Sebelius and Anita Cicero

The Hill

The Pandemic All-Hazards Preparedness Act has become a Congressional afterthought. The Act aims to "improve the public health and medical preparedness and responses capabilities for emergencies" such as a pandemic, but remains in limbo. With little political will to pass additional funding to improve our response to health emergencies and implement lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biden Administration is still working to find ways to improve our national health security measures. 

The latest $1.2 trillion spending package President Biden signed on Saturday morning included a directive to the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to create a program that would develop tools and countermeasures to provide protection against Disease X - any viral disease that may cause a pandemic. 

AAHI will host a panel discussion, Vaccine Innovation: A Path to Global Health Resilience, on Thursday, April 4, at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington D.C. to discuss implementation of such a program through the establishment of a collaborative network of Centers of Excellence for vaccine innovation and development, bringing together academic research institutes, NGOs, small biotech companies, and large pharma, to create resilient and sustainable vaccine development infrastructure.


Collaboration across communities.

Explore our different areas of impact.

The Formulations Team Presents its Innovative Spray Dried Vaccine Platform at RDD24

The formulations team heads to Tucson, Arizona May 5-9 to present the latest advancements of AAHI's aerosolized dry powder vaccine platform. The international conference brings together scientists, engineers, regulators, clinicans, and business professionals to discuss all aspects of drug delivery directly to the nose and lungs.

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Synthetic TLR4 ligand in squalene nanoemulsion

Synthetic TLR4 ligand in QS- 21 containing liposome

Synthetic TLR4 ligand in aqueous formulation

Dual agonist containing both TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in squalene nanoemulsion

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in QS-21 containing liposome

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in aqueous formulation

Alum nanoparticle formulation, customized particle size

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand in
squalene nanoemulsion

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand
adsorbed to aluminum

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand in
aqueous formulation

Nanostructured lipid carrier

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