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Preparing for the Inevitable

2023 brings no shortage of challenges - the ongoing pandemic emergency was declared over (but the pandemic continues), a highly pathogenic bird flu outbreak is spreading, and tuberculosis cases are on the rise. AAHI is proud to support the development of next-generation vaccines that enable efficient and effective protection against diseases, including bird flu and TB, that can be equitably accessed world-wide. 


JUNE 2023

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Seattle, WA

AAHI Recognizes and Celebrates LGBTQIA+ People in Science

LGBTQIA+ people have made significant contributions in STEM that have saved millions of lives and catapulted fields of science such as neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Diversity, acceptance, and respect for all people in STEM is the foundation for success in the field. AAHI celebrates the achievements and resilience of LGBTQIA+ scientists. 

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By Gail Dutton


Researchers are studying novel formulations of vaccines to improve the stability of vaccine drug products and reduce the cold chain requirements necessary to transport, store, and distribute currently available vaccines. Tardigrades, microscopic eight-legged creatures also known as water bears, produce a sugar called trehalose that is a key component of stabilizing vaccine ingredients so that the vaccine can remain stable at ambient temperatures. 

Dr. Christopher Fox, AAHI's Senior Vice President of Formulations, discusses the costly cold chain and the vaccine access challenges it creates with Gail Dutton at Leaps.org.


Collaboration across communities.

Explore our different areas of impact.

Openings and Opportunities


The Associate/Staff Scientist will be responsible for directing the in vivo mouse immunology studies on the RNA team, providing support to conduct in vivo aspects of product stability and release testing studies for AAHI's Product Development and GMP teams as necessary.


The Scientist I/II/Senior Scientist will be responsible for broadening the applications of AAHI's RNA vaccine platform to a wide range of infectious disease and oncology targets and will lead a growing, multi-level, early development team to bring novel RNA vaccine candidates to the initiation of Phase 1 clinical trials.


The Scientist I/II (Product Development) will be responsible for establishing, managing, and executing process development, formulation development, and delivery device development and testing and associated analytical capabilities. 

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Synthetic TLR4 ligand in squalene nanoemulsion

Synthetic TLR4 ligand in QS- 21 containing liposome

Synthetic TLR4 ligand in aqueous formulation

Dual agonist containing both TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in squalene nanoemulsion

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in QS-21 containing liposome

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in aqueous formulation

Alum nanoparticle formulation, customized particle size

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand in
squalene nanoemulsion

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand
adsorbed to aluminum

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand in
aqueous formulation

Nanostructured lipid carrier

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