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Infrastructure to Protect People from A Threat Archipelago

Our team had a wonderful time connecting with leaders in the vaccine industry at the World Vaccine Congress 2023 to discuss how together, we can bring efficient and effective health solutions to people who most need them. Read more about AAHI's experience and key takeaways from the conference. 


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APRIL 2023

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Seattle, WA

World TB Day 2023 - 'Yes! We can end TB!'

TB, a leading infectious killer, claims the lives of 1.6 million people a year and is estimated to infect 25% of the global population. While TB is treatable, the disease disproportionately burdens low-and middle-income countries with poor healthcare infrastructure, which limits access to treatment. AAHI scientists are developing temperature-stable TB vaccine candidates using AAHI’s  immune-enhancing platform technologies to mitigate costs, simplify vaccine administration, and enable distribution to TB-burdened areas.

Uganda and Brazil

Applying Next Generation Technology to Schistosomiasis Vaccines

Schistosomiasis primarily affects Brazil and Africa, where an estimated 140 million people are infected with these parasitic worms that nest in various organs. Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi of the Baylor College of Medicine are developing schistosomiasis vaccine candidates that use AAHI’s GLA-SE and GLA-AF adjuvant formulations to enhance immune responses.  They highlight the challenges of developing schistosomiasis vaccines that are cost-efficient and simple to manufacture, so they can be distributed and made equitably accessible in the parts of the world most heavily burdened by schistosomiasis. Their vaccine candidates are currently being evaluated in human clinical trials.

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By Jim Cornall


The podcast highlights conversations with Christopher Fox, SVP of Formulations at AAHI, Mel Spigelman, CEO of TB Alliance, and Jane Theaker, CEO of PBD Biotech.

“The advance that we have made and reported recently had to do with a formulation improvement, which we think is a major step forward. One of the major issues with vaccines, again you can look at COVID for some analogies, is that they often have to be stored in a refrigerator or even worse in a deep freezer, and so when we are thinking about where TB incidence is highest, those are places that it is going to be very difficult to distribute a vaccine that you have to keep at -80°C. So, we really want to make the kind of practical advances as we are developing a TB vaccine that will enable it to be distributed and accessible to the places where it’s going to be used.” – Christopher Fox, Senior Vice President, Formulations


Collaboration across communities.

Explore our different areas of impact.

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The Validation Specialist will be responsible for developing the master validation plan and schedule, overseeing and supporting GMP validation activities, including writing protocols and reports. They will also provide oversight of the quipment management program and support other quality assurance.


The Scientist I/II (Product Development) will be responsible for establishing, managing, and executing process development, formulation development, and delivery device development and testing and associated analytical capabilities. 

Biotech Manufacturing

The Quality Assurance Associate I/II will be responsible for workforce assessments, providing training to new employees, producing and approving documentation and progress reports, and collaborating with colleagues to ensure everything is running smoothly and complies with company policies and regulations.

Biotech Manufacturing

The Quality Control Associate I/II will be responsible for performing analytical tests, gathering and assessing data from those tests, and writing documentation and reports. The candidate will work in quality control laboratories in a GMP Manufacturing setting.

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Synthetic TLR4 ligand in squalene nanoemulsion

Synthetic TLR4 ligand in QS- 21 containing liposome

Synthetic TLR4 ligand in aqueous formulation

Dual agonist containing both TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in squalene nanoemulsion

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in QS-21 containing liposome

2nd-Gen synthetic TLR4 ligand
in aqueous formulation

Alum nanoparticle formulation, customized particle size

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand in
squalene nanoemulsion

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand
adsorbed to aluminum

Synthetic TLR7/8 ligand in
aqueous formulation

Nanostructured lipid carrier

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