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NOVEMBER - Christopher Fox, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Formulations, presented a talk and poster demonstrating the successful clinical development of AAHI's temperature stable, single-vial tuberculosis vaccine candidate at Bioenginnering for Global Health - a Nature Portfolio ocnference organized by Vanderbilt University, Nature Reviews Bioengineering, Nature Communications, and Nature Biomedical Engineering. 

The conference brings together bioengineers, clinical researchers, policymakers, funding and community partners, and healthcare providers to discuss the impact of bioengineering on solving global health challenges and how to ensure solutions are deployable and accessible. 

Dr. Fox discussed the global health implications of AAHI's temperature stable tuberculosis vaccine candidate, ID93+GLA-SE. He presented results of a Phase 1 clinical trial demonstrating the novel single-vial presentation of the freeze-dried TB vaccine candidate elicited a stronger immune response than administration of the non-temperature stable presentation of the same vaccine. 

The single-vial, freeze-dried presentation of ID93+GLA-SE is stable at 37C for up to three months. 


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