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AAHI’s manufacturing team wears DuPont™ Tyvek® hoods, sleeves, booties, and coveralls, commonly referred to as “bunny suits”, in the GMP manufacturing suite where they produce AAHI’s immune-stimulating adjuvant formulations and RNA vaccines for clinical testing. The bunny suits serve as one of many mitigations used to reduce contamination of GMP products by particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous liquids. The Tyvek garments, made of nonwoven, lightweight, synthetic polyethylene, are single-use. FDA standards for controlled environments require the garments be discarded after exiting the manufacturing cleanrooms (even if an employee needs to exit briefly to use a bathroom!) resulting in a significant amount of waste.

In support of AAHI’s commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship, AAHI will collect our used bunny suits to divert them from landfills and return them to DuPont to be given a second life as containers, lumber pallets, park benches, and other products made of recycled materials. For every 25 coveralls recycled by AAHI, 10 pounds of Tyvek are diverted from the waste stream. This will significantly reduce AAHI environmental footprint:

AAHI has been using DuPont Tyvek garments for 17 years to prevent potential contamination of pharmaceutical products intended for human use, ensuring the safety of people receiving vaccines in early-stage clinical trials.

We are grateful to DuPont for working with us to generate a sustainable solution for our used Tyvek, thus reducing our environmental impact.

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