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Zack Sagawa is a Director of clinical research and regulatory affairs working closely with our collaborators to create clinical trial protocols and with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to bring products through the transitional development phase from preclinical models to human clinical trials. Zack is responsible for overseeing all active clinical trials evaluating AAHI's platform technologies, as well as all toxicology studies to determine whether the drug products are ready to be tested in humans. Motivated by the organization's commitment to creating solutions for diseases that are not a priority for large pharmaceutical companies, such as leishmaniasis, leprosy, and amebiasis, Zack is an important member of the AAHI team to bring vaccines from exploratory research into a product that will make a lasting impact.

The things that we work on affect a lot of people all across the planet. They are diseases that for-profit companies don't typically work on -  the ones that don't get a lot of attention.

What does your everyday at AAHI entail?

A day in my life at AAHI is pretty much meetings and sitting infront of the computer. I write and edit documents related to regulatory filings and clinical research and I work with all the different departments here at AAHI to bring together what we do as a company. 

What is your favorite part of working at AAHI?

My favorite thing about working at AAHI is the people - we all have a shared mission in the global health arena. The things that we work on affect a lot of people all across the planet. They are diseases that for-profit companies don't typically work on - the ones that don't get a lot of attention. We have programs in tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, and then our partners work on a wide range of infectious diseases. 

Why did you pursue a career at AAHI?

It's very interesting work. Being such a small company, I have a lot of different responsibilities that I wouldn't have in a larger company where you have more of a defined role. I do all of our regulatory work, but also a lot of clinical work as far as developing clinical trials and working with our collaborators on their clinical trials. I also do all of our toxicology programs, so it's quite a wide range of things that I get to do!

What is your advice for people interested in advancing a career in clinical research and regulatory affairs?

I started as an academic researcher, I worked for a number of years at the University of Washington and a couple of other places. I was looking for a career change, something still in science but not in the laboratory and that is when I found regulatory affairs. I did a two year Masters program at the University of Washington in biomedical regulatory affairs. A lot of other people go into clinical trials as a clinical trial associate or go into quality assurance - usually people don't start in regulatory, people go through quality or clinical and end up in regulatory.

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