More On Malaria

Immunogenicity of a Plasmodium vivax vaccine based on the duffy binding protein formulated using adjuvants compatible for use in humans
Multifunctional IgG/IgM antibodies and cellular cytotoxicity are elicited by the full-length MSP1 SumayaVac-1 malaria vaccine candidate
The malaria blood stage antigen PfCyRPA formulated with the TLR-4 agonist adjuvant GLA-SE elicits parasite growth inhibitory antibodies in experimental animals
A novel asexual blood-stage malaria vaccine candidate: PfRipr5 formulated with human-use adjuvants induces potent growth inhibitory antibodies
Accelerated phase 1a/b evaluation of the malaria vaccine candidate PfAMA1 DiCo demonstrates broadening of humoral immune responses
Immunofocusing humoral immunity potentiates the functional efficacy of the AnAPN1 malaria transmission-blocking vaccine antigen

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