FORMULATIONS: Adjuvants & Delivery Vehicles

Our team builds on 30+ years of experience in vaccine formulation research and development. 

Pioneering the development of vaccine formulations that improve the human immune response


An Art and a Science

The invention and formulation of immune-stimulating adjuvant compounds is nuanced and empirical, based on trial and error informed by experience. 

Named from the Latin "adjuvare" meaning "to help", adjuvants must be precisely formulated to be effective and stable.

Temperature Stable Formulations

Eliminate the vaccine cold chain, create life-saving solutions for everyone

Vaccines make an impact only if they can reach the people who most need them. Our scientists have invented novel dried formulations of protein and RNA vaccine candidates that can be transported and stored in extreme ambient temperatures.


Addressing Obstacles to Vaccine Uptake

AAHI formulates vaccines that do not require needle injection, but can be administered by other means such as nasal spray, microneedle patches, and inhalation. 

Eliminating the needle eliminates common barriers to vaccine uptake:

  • Hesitancy due to fear of needles
  • The need for trained medical personnel to administer a vaccine
  • Insufficient biohazardous waste disposal of needles

Innovating alternative raw vaccine materials to conserve scarce resources and reduce cost 

Critical vaccines on the market and in the pipeline today rely on raw materials that are sourced from unsustainable and expensive natural resources:

  • Squalene, a critical adjuvant component of several licensed vaccines for influenza and Covid, is derived from shark liver oil
  • QS-21, oil derived from the bark of a rare Chilean soapbark tree, Quillaja Saponaria, is a critical adjuvant component of licensed shingles, Covid, and malaria vaccines. 

Custom Solutions

We provide custom formulation solutions for our partners, including academic institutions, government agencies, and private industry collaborators to enhance their vaccine candidates with next generation features and functionality.

Our team provides:

  • Novel small molecule immunostimulators or customized adjuvant formulations for optimal compatibility with a specific antigen to provide broad, durable, and robust immune responses.

Our team performs:

  • Compatibility studies mixing AAHI adjuvant formulations with antigen of choice. 
  • In vitro bioactivity evaluation to determine if the formulation of interest has innate immune stimulation properties on human cells.