For nearly three decades, the Access to Advanced Health Institute (AAHI) and its predecessor, the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI), have focused on creating technologies that improve the body’s natural response to disease.

We responded to the complex issues surrounding global access to vaccines and immunotherapies by focusing on development of immune-enhancing platforms for creating life-changing products. It is our priority to ensure that those products can rapidly be made accessible to those who need them most. We believe every person deserves access to tools that harness their immune systems and allow a healthy life, free of illness and disease, regardless of geography or socio-economic status. 

Our name change from IDRI to AAHI reflects our renewed emphasis on science that enables global access to effective preventive and therapeutic solutions. We are intensely committed to solving fundamental scientific challenges that impede the ability of the biomedical community to deliver on our shared goal– protecting and improving lives and health around the world. Our commitment to global equity permeates our collaborations with non-profit, academic, and commercial partners to make immunologic innovations equitably accessible.


  • Building a culture of continuous improvement and discovery and fostering creativity and innovation across the Institute.
  • Forming external collaborations that bring together the best experts, technologies, and platforms to create accessible, high quality products and solutions for harnessing the immune system to alleviate disease.
  • Challenging norms and thinking outside the box to ensure that life-saving technology is made accessible and available to people in need.
  • Developing partnerships that are structured to provide the scale and reach to make our vision a reality, both in the developing and developed world.
  • Advancing immune-enhancing platform technologies to combat infectious diseases as well as cancers, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and other disorders.