About Us


AAHI is a nonprofit biotech research institute, bringing together the best experts, technologies, and platforms to create accessible, high-quality products and solutions for harnessing the immune system to alleviate disease.


We are building a world where every person has access to tools that harness their immune system and allow them to live a healthy life, free of illness and disease.


Who We Are

The Access to Advanced Health Institute (AAHI) is a nonprofit biotech research institute. While “nonprofit biotech” may sound like a contradiction, it is our nonprofit status that allows our scientific know-how, passion, and dedication to have the most impact. Our partnerships are structured to provide the scale and reach to make our immune-enhancing products available to people around the world.

We answer to the scientific needs of the world by starting with one simple question: Why?

  • Why are vaccines that are meant to solve global pandemics made in ways that make them unusable in many parts of the world?
  • Why does access to life-changing medicine depend on where a person lives?
  • Why does “market” matter over “medicine”?

As scientists motivated by our genuine concern for others, the most meaningful, caring actions we can take are those that change lives for the better in tangible ways. We are intent on taking our innovations from the lab to the clinic to the people, making medicine more effective and more equitable.

We know where there’s a why, we must find a way.