AAHI Expands its Adjuvant Formulations Portfolio to Create Novel Vaccines and Immunotherapies

JUNE 2024

AAHI is excited to develop innovative immune-stimulating formulations of new adjuvants (toll-like receptor (TLR) 7 and 8 agonists) proprietary to Solventum, formerly 3M Health Care, for use in vaccines and immunotherapies to prevent and treat infectious diseases, cancers, and other conditions, and to expand its existing robust portfolio of adjuvant formulations.

AAHI and Solventum scientists will work together, leveraging AAHI’s decades of experience formulating immune-stimulating adjuvants (such as Solventum’s “3M-052” adjuvant) to create adjuvant formulations that will enhance, focus, and drive immune responses to fight disease. Certain of these innovative adjuvants hold special promise for targeted immunotherapy because they are conjugatable – able to be paired with antigen-specific antibodies, to target and treat cancers.  Such adjuvants can be used alone or as an adjunct to other immunotherapies and standards of care, to reduce or eliminate tumors – effectively painting a target on tumors, to activate robust innate and adaptive immune responses.

3M-052 is a synthetic pipidated imidazoquinoline developed by Solventum and licensed to AAHI for specific indications. AAHI develops proprietary formulations of TLR 7/8 ligands with strong Th1 bias in preclinical models.


President & CEO

I am particularly excited by the potential of these new molecules for therapeutic cancer vaccines, as the field continues to advance intratumorally injected adjuvants for non-invasive, non-toxic cancer treatment. We believe with the right formulation of Solventum’s conjugatable molecules, we can specifically target tumors without causing harm to the rest of the body.

AAHI’s formulation team, led by Christopher Fox, PhD, Senior Vice President, Formulations, will build on the ongoing work innovating and testing adjuvant formulations of 3M-052, several of which have demonstrated safety and immunogenicity in human clinical trials against HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), Zika virus, and SARS-CoV-2.

AAHI scientists will continue to formulate 3M-052 and Solventum’s other novel adjuvants, to develop manufacturing processes, and to supply Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials, partnering with public and private partners to develop products using these innovative adjuvant formulations. Indeed, AAHI recently received funding from the Department of Defense to create a novel “NanoAlum” formulation of 3M-052  to target notoriously complicated infectious diseases, specifically pandemic influenza and tuberculosis.

Chief strategy officer & general counsel

We are excited about the tremendous potential of our continued collaboration with Solventum, which (as 3M Health Care) has been an important and valued partner for over 15 years. Together, we will continue working to provide vaccine and immunotherapy developers with powerful immune-stimulating formulations, to harness the full potential of the body’s ability to fight disease.