Working toward environmental sustainability.

Our scientists are exploring ways in which we can reduce the burden on our ecosystem and precious natural resources by sourcing environmentally sustainable raw vaccine materials and developing ever more efficient ways in which to use those materials.

  • We reduce the amount of raw material required for effective vaccines. Our adjuvant formulation platform supports vaccines that use lower amounts of antigen for each dose, and our saRNA vaccine platform uses significantly lower doses of RNA than current RNA vaccines, t.
  • We are collaborating to develop alternatives to squalene, a key adjuvant ingredient in many vaccines, that is sourced from shark livers. There are currently 8 alternative oils and a plant-based alternative in development.
  • We developed a purification method that more efficiently extracts and purifies larger amounts of QS21, a saponin adjuvant, from limited supplies of the bark of Quillaja Saponaria, an endangered Chilean soapbark tree.