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AAHI Presents Advancements In Vaccine Formulations and Methodology at Modern Vaccines Adjuvant Delivery Systems Conference 2023

AAHI’s very own Will Lykins, PhD, principal scientist at AAHI, will share how combinations of antigen-adjuvant formulations, routes of delivery, and prime-boost regimens with RNA technology impact the immune response against COVID-19 at #MVADS2023. The preclinical study evaluated Baylor College of Medicine’s protein antigen used in Corbevax®, combined with various AAHI adjuvant formulations and included AAHI-SC2, a COVID-19 RNA vaccine candidate developed using AAHI’s saRNA platform technology.

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AAHI Attends the World Vaccine Congress 2023 in Washington D.C.

We look forward to sharing our immune-enhancing platforms and deep formulation expertise at the World Vaccine Congress next week in Washington D.C. We would be delighted to meet with you – connect with us directly or visit booth #805 to learn more about how AAHI scientists are developing products that enable accessible and equitable health solutions for people who most need them.

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The Access to Advanced Health Institute Reports Encouraging Results of First-In-Human Trial of Its Temperature-Stable Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidate

AAHI’s novel temperature-stable single-vial adjuvant-containing tuberculsosis vaccine candidate (ID93+GLA-SE) is safe and elicits a stronger immune response in humans than administration of the non-thermostable presentation ID93+GLA-SE. The temperature-stable vaccine candidate can be stored for several months at nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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AAHI Celebrates International Women in Science Day 2023

AAHI recognizes and celebrates women’s contributions in research and innovation by sharing the experiences of six women in every level of our organization of what it is like to be a woman in STEM.

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The Access to Advanced Health Institute Announces $3M Award to Develop an Intranasal Pan-Viral Countermeasure against Respiratory Viruses

AAHI will use its adjuvant formulation platform to develop a prototype product that promises to shorten timelines for emergency response to and mitigate impacts from biological threats. If successful, the activities of the award will allow for the rapid initiation of Phase 1 clinical trials in humans.

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We Discover

AAHI leverages its RNA and adjuvant formulations expertise to pioneer the development of platforms for next generation vaccines and immunotherapies.

We Develop

Our in-house manufacturing, formulation, and product development services enable development of powerful prophylactic and therapeutic solutions to address real-world needs.

We Deploy

Our platform technology facilitates rapid vaccine and immunotherapy development and distribution, to make life-enhancing products equitably accessible around the world.

Our Formulations

Next Generation Solutions

Our expertise in RNA vaccines and adjuvant formulations has set the stage for revolutionary development and improvement of potent, broad, and durable vaccines that are commercially scalable and accessible across diverse geographic, cultural, and economic regions.


Who Is AAHI?

AAHI is focused on solving fundamental scientific challenges that impede the ability of the biomedical community to deliver on our shared goal – protecting and improving people’s health around the world.


AAHI Is All About Collaboration

Our commitment to global equity permeates our efforts to forge collaborations and partnerships to make immunologic innovations equitably accessible to the people who most need them.


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